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1. Get more bat speed in just 20 swings!

2. Gives you game day confidence to hit the toughest pitches

3. Quickly fixes common hitting mistakes

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7 Reasons You'll Start Hitting Lasers!

1. Generate explosive rotational power with a compact  "hands-inside-the-baseball" swing
2. Gives you game day confidence to hit an inside fastball
3. Learn to hit the toughest game day pitches
4. Reduced swing movement improves your ability to read and react to game day pitching, timing and batting average
5. Improve your reaction time, approach and prevent strikeouts by practicing to hit the inside pitch up the middle. Building your confidence to let the ball travel on game day
6. Finds and fixes hitting mistakes triggered by your lack of confidence to allow the ball to travel, such as; lunging at the ball, jumping out at the ball, pulling off the ball, dipping and reaching for the ball
7. Reverse bad swing habits created by years of reaching and lunging at a slow-moving belt-high batting practice fastball
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Baseball Hitting

Updated Categories

Drills for U10, U11 and U12 Players

Category Summary

Top 5 Worst Mistakes For Teaching Kids to Hit

Reversing Bad Swing Habits

Minimizing Margin for Error

Hitting Video Guide. How to Reduce Strike Outs

Over-Complicating Instructions

5 Things You Can Learn From Your Kid’s Follow Through

Hitting Drill Video. Teaching Kid’s Rotational Hitting

Hitting Drill Video. 5 Point Swing System Check

Hitting Drill Video. The Best Way to Take Batting Practice

Hitting Access Program for Beginners

Hitting Drill Video. 10-Point Stance Check: Batting Stance Drill

About Premium Hitting Access for Parents

Worst Mistakes For Teaching Kids to Hit

  1. Teaching kids home run mechanics. Teaching your kids to hit home runs will trigger pulling off the baseball, jumping out, lunging, long swing and decrease game day performance.
  2. Teaching your kids to pull the ball too much. Similar to teaching home run mechanics, coaching kids in practice to pull the baseball triggers pulling off the baseball, flying open, long swing, weak ground balls, pop ups and increased strike outs.

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Drills for U7, U8 and U9 Players

Category Summary

With so many parts to a baseball swing, information overload is very common when first learning how to hit. The following drills keep it simple for young kids.
On this page is an example of a popular beginner level hitting drill to teach young kids to hit, and also more advanced drills to fix common hitting mistakes, improve game day hitting, and increase bat speed.

  1. Drills for learning to hit for the first time
  2. Drills to teach rotation
  3. Drills to keep your kid’s head on the ball
  4. Developing your kid’s hitting approach

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Hitting Drills to Improve Bat Speed

Category Summary

If You Practice a Long Swing, You’ll Have a Long Game Day Swing

Bad batting practice habits encouraging to pull the ball or to hit home runs result in decreased bat speed. Bad practice habits will transfer to your game-day at-bats and you’ll have trouble hitting quality pitching.
In order to get more bat speed to hit a game-day inside fastball, you’ll need to practice bat speed drills keeping your hands inside the baseball and aim to hit the baseball up the middle.
Bat speed drills should replicate game day hitting situations, helping your eyes transfer the message to your brain you can do a specific task, in this case hitting the inside fastball. This will result in game day confidence to stay back, let the ball travel and hit a tough up and inside fastball.

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Rotational Hitting Drills to Teach Back Foot Mechanics

Category Summary

8 Ways Back Foot Rotation Impacts Your Baseball Swing
  1. The back foot’s a key indicator for your baseball swing. Back foot rotation’s used to identify hitting mistakes such as pulling off the ball, dipping or a long baseball swing.
    Proper back foot rotation will help you to stay balanced throughout your baseball swing. Opposed to your back foot getting stuck and you falling off-balance as a result.
  2. Spinning on your back toe’s impossible without hip rotation. The hips rotate your back leg creating momentum and taking weight off your back foot, allowing you to spin on your toes as you swing. Spinning on your toe’s will increase your contact range, now your upper body is free to extend to the extremities of the strike zone.

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Hitting Drills for Kids

Category Summary

Step 1: Learn our simple yet effective visual techniques that will dramatically improve any baseball swing in a hurry! And guess what? You don’t even have to pick up a bat to get better.

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He hit his first home run to the opposite field with the bases loaded…. and this past Saturday during our Championship game he hit a solo home run to center field to tie up the game 4-4 and we won in the 8th! SPBA 12U Bronco American Champions

The Laser Bat Speed Trainer Story

Clinton Balgera, the founder of and inventor of The Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer doubled his batting average during a season testing our hitting aid.

2015 Swing Before Using The Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Jumping out and pulling off the baseball

This image demonstrates a swing from my 2015 season where my back foot stuck in the ground, which drains power and triggers pulling off the ball. I’m was also jumping and lunging out at the baseball because I was lacking confidence in my swing.

2016 Swing After Using The Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Baseball swing with improved speed

This image demonstrates a swing from my 2016 season (after training with The Laser Strap), where my hips have rotated my back foot (on a tailing fastball, 6 inches off the inside edge of the plate), helping to increase bat speed & power, stay balanced and to stay through the baseball.

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Beginner-Friendly Hitting

Hitting Tips: Making Contact for the First Time

One of the best ways to prevent striking out is to think with your eyes, not with your mind

Without an effective 2 strike hitting approach, you'll struggle to be successful when hitting in high pressure situations

If you want to reduce your game day strike outs, it is vital to develop a good hitting approach, especially when you find yourself in a 2 strike batting count.

Advanced Hitting

Introducing our 2-Swing Technique

Below’s a simple exercise to explain our Adaptive Hitting, 2-Swing Technique

  • Stand side-on in a batting stance with a glove in your bottom hand and reach out holding the glove.
  • Move the glove around with your bottom hand and with your top-hand you punch the glove.
  • The closer the glove is to your body the harder you can punch, the further away the glove the less power you’ve in your punch.
  • The point at which you can no longer punch the glove with your top hand’s will show your contact zone at which you’d release your top-hand when hitting.


2-Swing Technique’s a winner, easy to train and relates to game day approach. Learn more about our 2-Swing Technique

New to Baseball Hitting Drills

New! Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Machine B.P: Improve Reaction and 2-Strike Approach

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Improve reaction time, bat speed, rotational hitting and hitting with a 2 strike batting count

Take a pitch and track the ball. This allows your eyes and mind to take a “snap shot” of the way the ball travels

Let the baseball travel deep and make contact as the ball crosses home plate. Focus on generating the swing with the hips. Try and hit the ball up the middle/opposite side of the cage. Take the weight off the back foot by letting the hips rotate the back foot.

Hitting Tips

Updated Articles

The Ultimate Baseball Hitting Practice Guide

On this page you’ll learn about the best baseball hitting drills and tips to prepare you for the realities of game day hitting. You’ll discover what drills cause your bad swing habits and what drills create the best swing habits for game day success.

  • 20+ years' experience of international baseball (U.S.A, Italy, Australia)
  • Founder of and The Adaptive Hitting Theory
  • Inventor of the Laser Strap™
  • Creator of the SwingAtHome App (now available for iPhone & Android)
Clinton Balgera receiving the award for the M.V.P of the Australian Baseball League.
Clinton Balgera accepting the M.V.P award for the Australian Baseball League
"If you take one thing away from our website - keep hitting simple. Focus on the basics - don't get caught up in over-complicated hitting theories. Focus on a simple hitting approach (for both practice and game day). Learn from our baseball hitting program and good things will happen." Clinton Balgera, Founder, The Hitting Project.
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