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Implement our simple 5-Point Hitting Strategy to improve your batting average and power.

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How To Stay Back On The Baseball

Discover why many Major League teams are fast getting tired of players swinging for the fence. Training home run swing techniques is fast going out of fashion, due to high strikeouts (caused by lunging), low batting averages and reduced run production.


The new buzz word hitting approach, and specializes in just that! Read the full article

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Interactive Tools For Improving Your Swing

Quick fix cheat sheet


Quick Fix Cheat Sheet is a popular digital hitting tool for parents and coaches who want to find and fix common hitting mistakes.

Name: Quick Fix Cheat Sheet

Type: Members-only digital hitting tool

Purpose: Quick fixes for the most common hitting mistakes

What's Inside: Cheet Sheat with quick fix drills and tips

Age Group: For Parents

Skill Level: Beginner

Availability: Included with all membership plans

Cost: Current membership plans start from a low price of

What is Drill Finder?

Drill Finder is an interactive and intuitive hitting tool designed to save you time and most importantly find the best hitting drills for your swing.


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  • Working from the top down Drill Finder uses a hierarchy of swing problems so you can work on the most important drills first
  • If Drill Finder identifies a swing problem you'll be sent  straight to your drill. Allowing you to work on one drill at a time
  • Once you're confident you've fixed your first swing problem you can return to Drill Finder and continue your top down swing evaluation


What if know my swing problem or just want to improve my swing?

Simple, Drill Finder will ask if you know what you're looking for and send you in the right direction

Already know what you're looking for? Try Drill Finder quick search.

5-Star Hitting Strategy

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Hitting Programs For Parents, Coaches and Players

  • 20+ years' experience of international baseball (U.S.A, Italy, Australia)
  • Founder of and The Adaptive Hitting Theory
  • Inventor of the Laser Strap™
  • Creator of the SwingAtHome App (now available for iPhone & Android)
Clinton Balgera receiving the award for the M.V.P of the Australian Baseball League.
Clinton Balgera accepting the M.V.P award for the Australian Baseball League
"If you take one thing away from our website - keep hitting simple. Focus on the basics - don't get caught up in over-complicated hitting theories. Focus on a simple hitting approach (for both practice and game day). Learn from our baseball hitting program and good things will happen." Clinton Balgera, Founder, The Hitting Project.
Clinton Balgera has been featured in the following
I referred to your website to assist my 12-year-old son on his hitting in Jan.2014. He hit his first homerun to the opposite field with the bases loaded during the regular season and this past Saturday during our Championship game he hit a lead off solo homerun to center field to tie up the game in the 6th inning 4-4 and we won the Championship in the 8th. 5/17/14 SPBA 12U Bronco American Champions - Thanks my son Gabriel had a wonderful season. So did Mom & Dad!

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