How To Speed Up A Slow Baseball Swing

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The following free hitting module teaches everything you need to know about a long baseball swing. Most importantly it shows you how to fix this common hitting flaw.

Squaring Up The Baseball

The best swing path to the baseball is the one that allows a hitter to consistently meet the baseball square on, in the shortest amount of time.



Flying open with either the front foot, hips, shoulder or head will cause a hitter’s bat to drag through the zone. Flying open results in dropping the back shoulder, hands and bat head.



As stated earlier, flying open causes a hitter to drop/dip the back shoulder. Dropping with the back shoulder is the number one cause of a long swing. Once the bat head drops beyond the point of no return, there is little chance of catching up to a good fastball.

Example of dipping


Tight grip causes tension in the forearms that results in a long swing with bat drag. There is nothing worse than watching a hitter tense up on the bat so much that he looks like Frankenstein when he swings. Loose grip equals a fast/tension free swing.

The Grip



Besides the hands, the next worse spot to tense up is the arms and elbows. Tension in the arms will result in a long/slow swing. It is vital a hitter relieves all tension in the upper body while he presents in his batting stance. Refer to the image below.

Tension Free Batting Stance



Too much BP where the hitter tries to hit home runs every pitch will result in bat drag come game time. Some say a home run swing in BP is a bad swing, too many home run swings in BP will contribute to bad habits. It is essential that a hitter has a balanced hitting regime that includes a variety of hitting exercises. See below for good hitting drills to prevent bat drag.

Bad Habit V Good Habit


  • TROUBLE WITH THE INSIDE FASTBALL: Once a hitter begins to drag his bat through the hitting zone, there is no chance of squaring up a good inside fastball. In order to hit the inside fastball the hands need to take the shortest path possible to the ball to meet the ball out in front of the hitting zone.
  • NO POWER: A hitter can forget about hitting for power with a long swing. Besides size and strength the next part of the equation for hitting home runs is bat speed. Of course bat drag equates to a long swing, and a long swing is a weak swing.
  • UGLY SWING: Let’s face it, bat drag does not look pretty and a long swing is an ugly swing. In order to have a “pretty baseball swing” a hitter needs to stay short and on top of the baseball.
  • FOUL BALLS: Foul balls are great when a hitter has 2 strikes against him and he is fighting off some nasty pitches. But when a hitter is fouling off too many fastballs down the middle of the plate, then this can be a sign that he has bat drag. Dropping the bat head will ultimately cause a hitter to foul off hittable pitches, or even worse this will cause a hitter to swing and miss. Which leads to the next point.
  • STRIKE OUTS: Bat drag/long swing is a major contributor to strike outs. A hitter that can’t catch up to a fastball will ultimately rack up an insurmountable number of strike outs. Bat drag causes “a hole in the swing”. By definition a “hole in a baseball swing” is the area of the hitting zone where a swing with bat drag fails to cover. Dropping the back shoulder will cause a dip in the swing, this ultimately cases a bad angle for the bat head and results in a “hole in the swing”.

Foul Ball Swing Due To Bat Drag



  • THE HITTER’S CROSS – STAY TALL AND CENTERED: Stay tall & centered in the upper body (the hitter’s cross). Throughout the swing stay centered from your head to belly button, all the way through the swing cycle. Once the head gets behind the belly button, this will cause a dip in the swing.
  • BE SHORT AND FAST: Take the quickest path possible to the baseball. A hitter with a long swing should be thinking “stay short”. This is especially the case when a hitter is beaten for pace by a good fastball, his thoughts should revert to “stay short & be quick”. The worst thing a hitter with a slow bat can do, is to not make any adjustments in the batter’s box. The hands inside the ball hitting drill is a great drill for teaching a short, fast and powerful baseball swing.
  • SHORTEN UP: This is “old-school” mentality, however, sometimes a hitter has to swallow his pride and shorten up 2-4 inches on the knob of the baseball bat. What’s more embarrassing? Shortening up on the bat, or striking out 4 times in a baseball game? The hitter who is willing to make physical and mental adjustments during at-bats, will ultimately be more successful.
  • MENTAL CUES: A hitter should have mental cues to remind him to “stay short”, “stay tall” or “stay back” depending on the situation. As stated earlier, hitting is a game of adjustments, and mental cues can help a hitter to adjust from swing to swing. During practice or a game a hitter can do such things as tap his leg, stare at the label of his bat or step out of the batters box to clear his head. Each of these actions can be a “mental cue” for some type of “hitting action”.
  • SELF-EVALUATION: A hitter can tell by the way he is hitting the baseball as to whether his “swing is long” or “bat drag” is taking place. Weak pop ups to the right side of the field for a right handed hitter, or to the left side of the field for a left handed hitter, are a strong indication a hitter has a long swing. Find out more about self-evaluation and hitting a baseball.
  • VIDEO/PHOTO ANALYSIS: Use a camera or your iPhone to capture a hitter’s swing to replay step by step in slow motion. Look for common faults such as bat drag and a long swing. When a hitter can see for himself what he is doing wrong, then it is more likely to register in his mind to make some adjustments.

Preventing A Slow Bat


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Clinton Balgera: 15+ years of international baseball experience - MVP Junior College Div II World Series – Back to Back championships Grand Rapids Community College - Awarded full scholarship to the University of Indianapolis - Participated in the World University Games - Competed in Pro leagues in the U.S.A, Italy and Australia - Numerous National Championships and Batting Titles - Helms Award Winner (MVP) and Offensive Champion in the Australian Baseball League 2008 - Former Hitting Instructor for the ABL National Champion Perth Heat

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